Table of Contents

Scenarios: How to Create them and Why you should

Introduction, Thanks and an Apology

Why bother?

The big picture

     We matter

     The future is wide open

     The signal and the noise

Where scenarios fit in

     Two development cycles

     The Self and the World

The HOW in a nutshell

Phase 1 The Driving Question

Phase 2 Interviews / Conversations

Phase 3: Analysis of Interviews / Conversations

Phase 4 Two Uncertainties

Workshop organization

Workshop tasks

     Difficulties to be aware of I

Rhythm of work

     Difficulties to be aware of II


2nd task: Endpoints

Phase 5: Plotlines

Phase 6: Stories and Titles


     Preview of phase 7

     Going home

Phase 7 Application


     Setting up the matrix




Next step

Epilogue: Scenarios are about people and the Future


Core team


     Growing the team, veto

     Be a mentor

     Basic knowledge of the process

     Starting a project

     Scenario projects are like making a movie

     What is a great facilitator?

Do you really need all these interviews, workshops and core team people?

Confidentiality - a safe space for work

     Cascade of Trust

Flow of energy

Difficult participant / team member

Impressum / Imprint

Datenschutz / Privacy